5 Ways to Transfer Files From One Computer to Another

When the time arises to upgrade from an old PC to a new one, many users question the fact of whether they will be able to back up their data and files from their older computers to a new one. What they do not realize is apart from the conventional methods of backing up files and transferring them at a later stage, users can now take advantage of the various media components in the market that will help them get the best of what they done with absolute advantage. There may be a great number of ways via which one can transfer files from one computer to another but here is our list of the top five ways that promise to be fast, user friendly and easy to do.

1. External Media

There are a plethora of media options available across the world that range from USB sticks, to external hard drives, CDs and DVDs. Choose the one that is most suitable for you. Using a USB stick is best recommended as its fast, convenient and easy to use. Using an external media component not only ensures that you have a good back up, but it will help you stay organized. It’s a great way of keeping a tab on things especially if you like staying structured. If you find that using an external media device can be long (if you have large files), it is best recommended that you find a good backup suite that will do it for you automatically. This way, you can maintain the health of both your new and old systems.

2. Local Area Networks

Hook up both your PCs to each other with a firewire and you are good to go. Just copy paste what you want and transfer them to your new PC. Simple. Creating a home network is safe and easy to use. The only drawback in this regard is that of fluctuating transfer speeds. Nonetheless, it should be a stable option particularly if you plan on using more than one PC. For security purposes, you can also share the files which only you authorize. This way no one else will have access to what matters most to you. Do not forget, if you want to share files via LAN, you will first need to enable it from your control panel and then share the network.

3. Easy Transfer Cables

This is the next generation of hooking up two PCs at a time. No more authorization, no more sharing of files and no more cluttered networks. Simply plug and play and your new easy transfer cable will help you copy files from one system to another. It does not get more simple than this. Structurally, it is a USB device that plugs into both your systems and you are good to go. It’s a great tool if you need to copy or transfer files instantaneously.

4. HHD Manual Connection

This could be a little heavy but it’s a stable and secure way of transferring files from one PC to another. Connect an external connector and hook up your PC to the HDD you are good to go. Simply ensure that you can get the best of what you want to transfer and make sure that you use a reliable connector for your backup purposes.

5. Using PC Mover

PC Mover is one of those all you can do programs that helps users automatically copy, backup, replace and transfer files from one destination to another. It has a simple, easy to use interface that connects remotely and does all the work that one would otherwise have to do manually. Simply install the program on both the old and new PC and let PC Mover take care of the rest. Additionally, it comes bundled with an easy to use wizard, autopilot program, application selectivity, multitasking scenarios, undo feature commands, and customizable user selective profiles. Being accredited by PC Mag as the editors top choice, PC Mover transfers all your files, system programs, settings and more with a simple push of a button.

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